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One of our favourite & freshest combinations 😉

Take your ride to the next level. With these easy-to-install bright LED wheel lights, you will get the respect you deserve on the road.

Attach to your spokes for best results and fits almost all wheel sizes. Night riding has never been this fun and safe to use in all weather conditions. Operated with a simple one-touch button to turn on and off PLUS a flashing mode unique to SpokeLights™ for extra visibility during dark, foggy conditions.

Available in dual colours or mix & match, the combinations are endless to make your bike as individual, cool and unique at night as it is during the day!

But that's not all, this will make you far more visible to other road users and pedestrians as well as making you easier to find at night by friends and fellow riders who might want to pick you out of a crowd or follow your lead.

So don't be another boring shadow.. Lead the way and become the light.


- 20 super-bright LED lights per wheel
- 360 degrees of spinning visibility!
- Easy to install and very durable
- Over 48 hours of battery life (industry best) takes 3x AA batteries
- Fits almost all wheels including kids bicycles
- Ride in all weathers, waterproof One touch on/off button + flashing option

Length = 2.36m / LEDs = 2m

0.8cm thick* / Weight = 115g

Full directions to installing our bicycle wheel lights the proper way!

Step 1 - Insert batteries

Remove the screws from the battery pack and release the cover. Insert 3x AA batteries and secure the battery pack cover back on by tightening the 4 screws on each corner. 

Step 2 - Mount the Tube Lighting

Insert the LED tube inside the spokes on the wheel and thread it through. For best results weave the tube in and out the spokes and push the tube towards the rim until secure. Once it's secure all the way around you can overlap the remaining lights (if any) and secure it together using the cable ties.

Step 3 - Mounting the Battery Pack

Now it's time to secure the battery pack. Wrap the battery wire around the spoke to remove the slack of the wire before you begin the fasten the battery pack with cable ties. 

Mount the battery pack firstly where 2 spokes cross over each other and insert a cable tie through the hole in the battery pack and around the crossed spokes. Next thread another cable tie through the other side of the battery pack and onto another spoke that feels the most secure. Tighten both cable ties and cut off the excess. 

The battery pack should be firmly in place and unable to slide or move if mounted properly. THIS IS ESSENTIAL SO IT DOES NOT FALL OFF.

(This may vary between spoke designs, so please use your common sense when mounting it or please email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Why choose us?

New Sleek Design

20 super-bright LEDs inside a new thinner, light-weight & waterproof design with over 40 hours of battery life. Better than ALL of our competitors!

Increased Safety

With 360 degrees spinning visibility, you will be seen by ALL road users. Earning the respect you deserve on the road and reigniting your night cycles.

Fast UK Delivery

Be assured we provide Fast & Reliable delivery anywhere in the UK! You will be riding in style in a matter of days. Next day delivery available.

Make an impression

We have an industry best design making it the thinnest, strongest & brightest on the market! A brand you can trust. Transform your bike today!